[ Rinko (vo), Yuzuru Takeda (g),Takashi Koyama (dr) ]


In August 2007 when Molice took the stage at Summer Sonic, one of Japan's biggest music festivals, mere months after their formation, it was hard to imagine how the band would be able to top itself. But still, the best was yet to come. Molice has acquired an enviable list of accomplishments in their brief 5 year history. Following the release of 4 EPs titled 'Molice Demo' 1-4, the band hit the scene in November 2008 with their debut album 'Doctor Ray'. Rock music fans, both in Japan and abroad, quickly took note. The singles "White Vertigo", "Ms. Panic" and "Headphone" started to make the rotations in US college radio stations. In addition, the music video "Headphone" received airplay on Japan's Space Shower and France's NOLIFE TV programs. Molice went on to make their international debut in a short UK tour to close out 2009.

Their sophomore effort 'Catalystrock' was released in March 2010 and had a more mature yet no less appealing sound. Soon after its release, Molice made their personal TV debut on Fox Japan's "Backstage Pass." They followed up with an appearance in Vietnam's C.A.M.A. 2010 festival before making their US debut as a headliner at Georgia's Anime Weekend Atlanta in September 2010. 4 Molice music videos including Catalystrock's "Romancer" were picked up by Malaysia's i-amtv to be broadcast worldwide.

The band cites the Pixies, Police, and Doors as their main inspirations, but incorporate elements of goth, classical, dance, and shoegaze as well. Listening to the range of music on both albums challenges fans to completely define their style.

Singer, rhythm guitarist, and composer Rinko combines her love of the US/UK classic and alternative rock scene with a lifetime of musical training in classical piano and guitar. With Japanese lyrics and a Japanese perspective, distilled through the experience of Tokyo life, these songs evolve into the perfect East/West hybrid, a new brand of J-Rock that is both exotic and edgy.

And this brand is gaining new fans worldwide. Signs of it continually appear: a profile on MTV's Iggy Website, radio airplay in the Philippines and Australia, a second invitation to play in Vietnam with coverage by Yan TV...the list goes on.

On 12/2/11, Rinko, guitarist Yuzuru Takeda, drummer Takashi Koyama, and bassist Kenji took the stage in Hanoi's "Go! Go! Japan!" festival, headlining with Electric Eel Shock, Okamoto's, and Ngu Cung. In their performance, Molice debuted a number of 'Neugravity' songs for the Vietnamese audience. Based on the crowd's reaction, one could say that the best is yet to come, again.