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ボーナストラックとして、日本盤未収録の「Super star」、
Robby takac ( Goo Goo Dolls ) 氏による

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us tour

2010年9月18日、アトランタで開催される "Anime Weekend Atlanta"にMOLICEが参加します。



"One name frontwoman/guitarist Rinko alternates between deadpan and passionate vocals and the band's modish guitars and funky bass create a moody and restless energy perfect for driving fast. Plus, they totally rock out and look awesome in stripes."
-Beverly, MTV Iggy

"Molice are one of those exciting bands that just keep getting bigger and better every time you look. Their gritty-cool Tokyo sound bites like a gunslinger's quickdraw yet flows with smooth intensity like a shot of sake. They're inspired by many influences yet constantly developing in their own vein, and I'm proud to have been one of the first to interview them for American media."
-Alex Michaelson, DJ, WMFO Tufts Freeform Radio, Boston, USA

"With its blend of garage surf rock, Brody Dalle-like vocals and Tarantino-esque motiff Molice showcases enough musical genius and style to strike fear into the hearts of any so-called pop idol."
- Evan Bourgault Boston Bastard Brigade/ 91.7FM WMWM Salem, Massachusetts

The Molice have been a breath of fresh air. In a crowded music scene of country rock and metal in Colorado. Molice has brought a lively new sound from across the pacific with a mix of pop,rock, punk that is a refreshing change!
- J.J. Johnson, KRFC 88.9FM, Ft.Collins, Colorado

With a strong self-released record and a reputation for blistering live performances, Tokyo band Molice seem perched on the verge of world domination, or at least a record contract. The band mixes up '80s and early '90s new wave and punk, Pixies-style noise, and an occasional hint of shoegaze, but their sound is ultimately their own, and very very cool.
- Bill Haw,

OK, time for an indie-rock break. You know a band is good when you can't wait to hear what they are going to do next. Their debut album Doctor Ray (reviewed here in full) is a rock-solid breath of fresh air, full of indie garage rock sprinkled with pop hooks and bouncy good times. It also as a dark and dangerous edge missing from a lot of other chirpy rock acts.
- Zac Bentz,

Molice is rock band from Japan. More than that, a sensation ready to rock out the world.
- Khoung Le, M!osaic

This album is a quintessential pop album and must have for anyone. It is as much about the discovery of how great this band as it is about the rediscovery of what pop music itself is and could be. Much like The Pixies redefined "pop" in the 90s in the US, The Molice have taken J-Pop back from its cloying, often annoying sugariness and made it into a rawer, more creative and interesting sound.
- Phil Ford, WRIR 97.3FM Richmond, VA (on Doctor Ray)